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The greatest reward for a job well done is the opportunity to do more. Jonas Salk

At CME we believe in partnerships and collaboration so we can share in success through combined achievement. Through the decades this has been our consistent focus while serving our clients interest in a creative, professional and personal way. 

offers a variety of building systems services to help create a safe, comfortable, and environmentally sound building environment in all areas of building infrastructure including the demanding environments in health care facilities and sports center - We work with our clients to provide economically viable and sustainable building solutions  that are energy,efficient and promote a healthier atmosphere.

CME is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, and technical services. We are industry leaders, leveraging over 75 years of design, engineering and construction development knowledge and expertise. Staff members with varied and multidiscipline backgrounds create a unique competency that is highly innovative and very savvy.

Diversified technical backgrounds, decades of experience, unparalleled resources and creativity are required in this unpredictable economy. The ability to find economically viable, sustainable solutions for complex problems requires the collaboration of professionals from all walks of life including: financial, engineering, architectural, programming, fundraising, management and construction. CME has it all under one roof.

We are responsible for effective planning, resource management and sustainable infrastructure services that encompass life cycle solutions in today’s economic and global environment. CME uses a diverse base of expert resources offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the environmental and economic challenge of the countries new generation of facilities. 


10407 Union Turnpike, Forest Hills, New York 11375

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